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Optical lenses

We offer an extensive range of lenses, and have the expertise to help find the best ones for you


Choosing the frames you want is only part of creating the right glasses for you. There is an increasingly impressive choice of optical lenses to go in them, which can transform both the look of your glasses and what they can do for you.

Working out which lenses you want can seem daunting, which is why our experienced dispensing optician will always assist customers through the process of choosing both frames and lenses.

We specialise in helping customers who’ve encountered problems wearing varifocals. In our experience, this is often a result of other opticians prescribing lenses without properly understanding their patient and what they need. We will always start with a proper discussion about your lifestyle and how you wear your glasses.

Some customers who struggle with varifocals get on much better with office lenses. These are designed for looking at something nearby, such as a document on your desk, and at a computer screen in the middle distance. If you find yourself squinting over your glasses to use your PC or sitting a long way back from your screen, it’s well worth talking to us about this option.

If you have a very strong or complex prescription you can avoid having thick, heavy glasses by getting your prescription made up as a high-index lens. These specially engineered lenses offer precision sight correction in a much thinner, lighter lens, meaning your glasses are more comfortable to wear.

We also advise our customers about the range of lens coatings now available. As well as a scratch-resistant surface, to make your glasses as hard-wearing as possible, there’s also the opportunity to add an anti-reflection coating. This reduces glare for both night-time driving and computer use. We also recommend either a UV filter or blue filter to protect your eyes from harmful light.

Adding a tint to your glasses can transform them into sunglasses, giving your eyes valuable protection from damaging UV light. We have a wide range of sunglasses and tinted lens options available.
There’s no need to miss out on our expert dispensing advice if you’ve had your eyes tested elsewhere.You can bring in a current prescription.

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