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OCT scanner

Our OCT scanner helps us to diagnose conditions before they have the chance to develop

Sue Wassall OCT

Opticians can test your eyes using a number of different methods. However, historically, they can only see the outer surface of your eye. When most harmful conditions develop inside of your eye ball, it is crucial for us to be able to view more of your eye than ever.

At Sue Wassall Optometrists, we can view up to 80% of your eye and are able to detect conditions earlier than other opticians can because we use a state-of-the-art piece of machinery called an OCT scanner.

An OCT scanner is an advanced piece of technology that allows us to take quick and painless images of the parts of your eye that can’t be seen. A series of snapshots are taken of your retina (and other parts of the back of your eye) before being combined to create a 3D, cross sectional view of it. The optician is then able to examine the image in great detail to look for even the smallest indication that you could have a problem.

OCT images have up to 25 times better resolution than those produced by any other imaging technology. This means that not only are the images clear enough to identify eye conditions, but they can also reveal health problems such as diabetes and cancer too.

eye-2nd-image-150It’s important to remember that the earlier eye and health conditions are diagnosed, the more likely effective treatment is. For that reason we strongly recommend that you have your eyes scanned by the OCT annually, especially if you are over 40, and therefore at a higher risk of developing certain eye diseases.

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