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Eye Examinations

There’s plenty of time in our eye examinations to treat you as an individual


When you’re getting your eyes tested or investigating a concern you have about your sight, you don’t want to feel you’re only being treated by a series of machines. At Sue Wassall Optometrists we’re big believers in the personal touch, taking the time to talk to you about your eyesight and overall health.

We allow a minimum of half an hour for all our appointments but we’ll happily spend longer with you if necessary. Conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol can have an impact on your vision so it’s important we know about your general well-being, not just your sight.

“Finding out about your lifestyle, work and hobbies is an important part of our eye examinations. We want to understand how you use your eyes on a daily basis so we can recommend the best sight correction for your situation. Then we’ll make decisions together about what’s best for you.”

Sue Wassall, Optometrist


Measuring how well you can see is a key part of an eye examination. If we discover your sight could be improved with glasses or contact lenses, we’ll take you through the many options which are available, and make recommendations depending on what we’ve learnt about your lifestyle.

Importantly, we also do a series of checks which investigate the health of your eyes; tests which can save your sight by picking up early signs of serious eye disease.

During one of the tests, we will scan your eyes using a state-of-the-art camera called an OCT. Historically, an OCT camera was only used by specialists in hospitals, but recently more and more opticians are opting to use an OCT camera to ensure the health of their patients.

An OCT scan allows us to view up to 80% of your eye, where as other opticians may only be able to view your eye’s surface. This allows us to discover potentially damaging conditions; enabling our team to manage and treat them effectively.

The risk from eye diseases grows as we age but early signs are often not obvious as you go about your day-to-day life. It’s recommended you have your eyes checked at least every two years, and annually if you are under 16, over 69 or have a family history of eye disease.


Our optician provides some of the most thorough eye examinations in the area, thanks to more than 25 years in the business.

Make sure your eyes are kept in prime condition by making an appointment with Sue Wassall Optometrists on 02392 550723 (Lee on Solent) or 01329 832706 (Wickham).

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