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Contact Lenses

Have clear and comfortable vision for years with the perfect contact lenses


Contact lenses can offer amazing freedom and flexibility to almost anyone in need of sight correction. They are available to suit a wide variety of prescriptions, whether you want to wear them every day or only on special occasions. The choice is vast.

At Sue Wassall Optometrists we take the time to get to know every customer properly so we can be sure we’re recommending the right type of lenses for you. Unlike the major chains, we’ll take the time to help you try out a range of contact lenses until you find the type which is best suited to your eyes and your lifestyle.

Your eyes are an amazing and irreplaceable part of you, which is why our contact lens service offers on-going care and advice. Modern contact lenses are more comfortable and easier to care for than ever before, but that doesn’t mean you should take the health of your eyes for granted.

When you choose to have contact lenses with us we carry out additional checks to make sure your eyes are suitable, and to help us identify which lenses are likely to be most successful. We teach you how to handle and insert lenses in a relaxed environment where you can take all the time you need. We’ve even successfully helped under 14s and over 70s adjust to wearing lenses.

kevinAll of our contact lens appointments are carried out by our optometrist, so you get the same high level of care and expertise every time you come in. Once we’ve found lenses you’re happy with we need to see you for a check-up annually to make sure your eyes are staying healthy and your lenses are being replaced regularly enough.

Wearing lower quality contact lenses long-term without regular check-ups can take a toll on your eyes, leaving them dry and sore. If you’ve been wearing budget lenses but find your eyes are no longer tolerating them well, don’t leave it too long before coming to see us. We have the expertise and higher quality lenses to give you many more years of comfortable vision.

To find out more about our contact lens services or to make an appointment, please call on 02392 550723 (Lee on Solent) or 01329 832706 (Wickham).

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